The evolution of a perennial and invasive crop relative, Sorghum halepenseL

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報告題目The evolution of a perennial and invasive crop relative, Sorghum halepenseL. (‘Johnsongrass’).


Professional Preparation

Univ.  Delaware       Plant Science                   BS (Summa Cum Laude) 1982;

Cornell                Plant Breeding    / Genetics     MS, 1985/ PhD. 1988

Cornell                Plant Molecular Genetics  Postdoctoral, 1988-9



                           1 July 2012: Regents Professor, University of Georgia

                           1 July 2002: Distinguished Research Professor, Univ. GA.

                           1 Jan 1999: Professor, Univ. GA (Depts Crop & Soil Sci; Botany; Genetics).

                           1991-8. Asst., Assoc., & Full Professor, Dept Soil & Crop Sci., Texas A&M.

                           1989: Adjunct Assistant Prof. of Plant Molecular Biology, Univ. Delaware.

                           1989-1991: Principal investigator, Agric. Biotechnology, E.I. DuPont


His research is closely tied to education of students and the public.  He is now or has been thesis advisor for 30 and committee member for 30 more graduate students, and mentored 64 postdocs, 116 undergrads, 11 HS students, and 10 HS teachers.  His activities have long enjoyed a large international element -- examples of outcomes include first-authorship of the cotton genome sequence (2012) involving 74 authors from 31 institutions in 10 countries; and the sorghum genome sequence (2009) involving 39 authors from 19 institutions in 7 countries.  His collaborative research activities have involved scientists from many countries, for example long being a research partner of several CGIAR centers (IRRI, CIMMYT, and ICRISAT) and serving as the Project Director of a USAID Feed the Future Innovation Lab that links ICRISAT teams in India, Mali and Kenya with Jimma University (Ethiopia), the Agricultural Research Council (South Africa), and The Land Institute (KS, USA). He has also participated in international education and development oversight, serving as a scientific advisor to the Rockefeller Foundation South Asia Network for Drought-Resilient Crops; the Brazilian ‘SUCEST’ sugarcane genome initiative; and the CGIAR Generation Challenge Program (GCP) during its formation and initial granting cycle. He has served as external examiner on 13 dissertations/theses/tenure evaluations outside the USA.